Synonyms to overswarming

overrunning, alluvion, alluvium, cataclysm, deluge, diffusion, engulfment, flood, imbuement, infestation, inundation, invasion, lousiness, overflow, overflowing, overspreading, penetration, permeation, pervasion, plague, ravage, spill, spillage, submersion, suffusion, swarm, swarming, teeming, the Deluge, the Flood, transfusion, washout, whelming, adoption, aggression, air attack, air raid, air strike, appropriation, arrogation, assault, assumption, attack, blitzkrieg, boarding, breach, drive, encroachment, entrance, entrenchment, escalade, fire raid, foray, impingement, imposition, incursion, infiltration, influx, infraction, infringement, injection, inroad, insinuation, interference, interjection, interloping, interposition, interposure, interruption, intervention, intrusion, irruption, obtrusion, offense, offensive, onslaught, playing God, raid, razzia, saturation raid, scaling, seizure, shuttle raid, storming, transgression, trespass, trespassing, unlawful entry, usurpation