Synonyms to overextension

overexpansion, bloat, bloating, breaking point, distension, extreme tension, inflation, overdistension, overdrawing, overstrain, overstraining, overstretching, snapping point, strain, straining, stretch, stretching, swelling, tension, franticness, frenziedness, haul, heave, hyperactivity, hyperkinesia, hyperkinesis, officiousness, overactivity, overexertion, overstress, overtaxing, pull, rack, stress, stress and strain, stressfulness, taxing, tug, accusal, accusation, accusing, allegation, allegement, arraignment, bale, bill of particulars, blackmail, blame, bother, bringing of charges, bringing to book, burden, burdening, burdensome, burthen, call, call for, cargo, charge, charging, claim, clamant, clamorous, complaint, contribution, count, crying, cumber, cumbrance, deadweight, delation, demand, demand for, demanding, denouncement, de