Synonyms to over the hill

overblown, arty, aureate, big, bloated, bombastic, bursting, choked, congested, corpulent, crammed, crowded, declamatory, distended, drenched, dropsical, euphuistic, fat, filled to overflowing, flatulent, fleshy, flowery, glutted, gorged, grandiloquent, gross, heavy, hyperemic, imposing, in spate, jam-packed, jammed, magniloquent, obese, oratorical, overburdened, overcharged, overfed, overflowing, overfraught, overfreighted, overfull, overladen, overloaded, overripe, overstocked, overstuffed, oversupplied, overweight, overweighted, packed, plethoric, portly, ready to burst, running over, satiated, saturated, soaked, sonorous, stout, stuffed, stuffed up, supercharged, supersaturated, surcharged, surfeited, swollen, tumescent, tumid, turgid, windy, bad, barfy, brackish, cloying, fetid, foul, fulsome, high, icky, maggoty, mawkish, nasty, nauseant, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, noxious, offensive, poisonous, rancid, rank, rebarbative, reign, rotten, rule, sickening, spoiled, stinking, sway, vile, vomity, weevily, yucky, elderly, advanced, advanced in life, advanced in ye