Synonyms to operable

applicable, a propos, actionable, ad rem, adapted, admissible, appertaining, appliable, applying, apposite, appropriate, apropos, apt, authorized, becoming, befitting, belonging, compatible, competent, compliant, congenial, connective, constitutional, correct, dovetailing, exploitable, felicitous, fit, fitted, fitting, geared, germane, good, happy, in point, involving, judicial, juridical, just, just right, justiciable, kosher, lawful, lawmaking, legal, legislative, legit, legitimate, licit, likely, manipulable, material, meet, meshing, on the button, opportune, pat, pertaining, pertinent, pliable, practical, proper, qualified, relevant, reusable, right, rightful, sanctioned, seasonable, seemly, sortable, statutory, suitable, suited, suiting, tailored, to the point, to the purpose, usable, utilizable, valid, within the law, attainable, accessible, achievable, actable, approachable, available, come-at-able, compassable, doable, feasible, findable, getatable, gettable, negotiable, obtainable, open, open to, overcomable, penetrable, performable, pervious, practicable, procurable, reachab