Synonyms to once over lightly

any old way, airily, any which way, anyhow, bunglingly, carelessly, casually, clumsily, cursorily, disregardfully, forgetfully, haphazardly, heedlessly, helter-skelter, hit and miss, hit or miss, inattentively, inconsiderately, messily, offhand, offhandedly, perfunctorily, promiscuously, recklessly, regardlessly, slapdash, sloppily, tactlessly, thoughtlessly, unguardedly, unheedfully, unheedingly, unmindfully, unsolicitously, unthinkingly, unvigilantly, unwarily, anyway, anywise, at all, at any rate, at random, by any means, haphazard, however, in any case, in any event, in any way, irregardless, nevertheless, nohow, nonetheless, random, randomly, regardless, unmind