Synonyms to on behalf of

for, against, all for, as, as long as, as proxy for, as representing, as things go, because, being, being as how, cause, considering, forasmuch as, from, in aid of, in behalf of, in consideration of, in contemplation of, in favor of, in furtherance of, in lieu of, in order to, in place of, in preference to, in preparation for, in that, inasmuch as, insofar as, insomuch as, now, on account of, parce que, pro, remedial of, replacing, seeing as how, seeing that, since, so, so as to, so that, to, vice, whereas, with, advocating, approving, backing, favorable, favoring, supporting, well-disposed, well-inclined, after, because of, by reason of, by virtue of, due to, in view of, in virtue of, owing to, thanks to, advocate, alter ego, alternate, amicus curiae, attorney, backup, backup man, bad habit, bad