Synonyms to offer for sale

put up, accommodate, accumulate, add to, aggrandize, amass, amplify, ante, ante up, as earnest, assemble, at stake, augment, backlog, base, bed, berth, bestow, billet, board, bond, boost, bottle, bottomry, broaden, build, build in, build up, bunk, can, cast, collect, compose, compound, concoct, concocted, construct, cooked-up, create, cumulate, cut out, cut-and-dried, cut-and-dry, deposit, deposited, designate, devise, do up, domicile, domiciliate, elaborate, elevate, enlarge, erect, escalate, establish, evolve, exalt, expand, extend, extrude, fabricate, fabricated, fabulous, fancied, fantasied, fantastic, fashion, fasten up, fatten, fictional, fictitious, figmental, fill out, fix, fixed, forge, forged, form, formulate, found, frame, fudge together, furnish accommodations, garner, garner up, gather into barns, get up, go bail, ground, hand over, handsel, hang, hang up, harbor, hatched, heap up, hide, hike, hike up, hoard, hoard up, hock, hold, hold forth, hold out, house, hut, hypothecate, impignorate, in hock, in pawn, in the bag, increase, indite, inflate, install, invented, invest, jack up, jar, jump, jump up, keep, lay down, la