Synonyms to offer excuse for

alibi, alibi out of, apologize for, apology, blind, cloak, color, cop-out, cover, cover story, cover with excuses, cover-up, device, excuse, explain, explanation, facade, feint, front, gloss, guise, handle, lame excuse, lie out of, likely story, locus standi, make apology for, mask, ostensible motive, out, plea, plead ignorance, poor excuse, pretense, pretension, pretext, protestation, public motive, put-off, refuge, right, screen, semblance, sham, show, smoke screen, squirm out of, stalking-horse, stratagem, subterfuge, trick, varnish, veil, worm out of, apologize, ask forgiveness, beg indulgence, beg pardon, defend, do penance, espouse, express regret, justify, plead guilty, reform, repent, take back, think better of, vindicate, abject apology, absolution, absolve, acknowledgment, acquit, acquittal, acquittance, allow, amnesty, basis, be blind to, breast-beating, cause, clea