Synonyms to of significance

viable, OK, aboveground, acceptable, achievable, actable, activating, admissible, agreeable, alive, alive and kicking, all right, alright, among the living, animate, animated, animating, animative, applicable, attainable, bracing, breathing, capable of life, compassable, conscious, doable, endowed with life, energizing, enlivened, enlivening, exhilarating, exhilarative, existent, feasible, good enough, in the flesh, inspirited, instinct with life, invigorating, invigorative, live, living, long-lived, manageable, maneuverable, manipulatable, negotiable, of concern, of concernment, of consequence, of interest, of moment, of note, of weight, okay, operable, operatable, overcomable, passable, performable, possible, practicable, practical, quick, quickening, realizable, reasonable, rousing, sensible, stimulating, stimulative, superable, supportable, surmountable, sustainable, tenable, tenacious of life, tonic, unexceptionable, unobjectionable, very much alive, vital, vitalizing, vivified, workable, zoetic