Synonyms to of good hope

aspiring, Olympian, aerial, airy, altitudinous, ambitious, ascending, assured, careerist, careeristic, colossal, confident, dominating, elevated, eminent, ethereal, exalted, expectant, fond, full of hope, haughty, high, high-flying, high-pitched, high-reaching, high-set, high-up, hopeful, hoping, in good heart, in hopes, lofty, monumental, mounting, of good cheer, on the make, outtopping, overlooking, overtopping, power-hungry, prominent, sanguine, sky-aspiring, soaring, social-climbing, spiring, steep, sublime, superlative, supernal, topless, toplofty, topping, towering, towery, undespairing, uplifted, upreared, affianced, arrogant, ascertained, assurance, assuredness, attested, balanced, believing, betrothed, bound, certain, certified, certitude, clear-cut, cocksure, collected, committed, composed, compromised, confidence, contracted, conviction, convinced, cool, covered, decided, definite, determinate, determined, devout, dogmatic, doubtless, engaged, ensured, equanimous, equilibrious, established, faithful, fideistic, fixed, game, guar