Synonyms to of another sort

another, accessory, added, additional, ancillary, autre chose, auxiliary, collateral, contributory, different story, different thing, else, extra, farther, fresh, further, more, new, no such thing, not that sort, not the same, not the type, of a sort, of sorts, other, other than, otherwise, peculiar, plus, quite another thing, rare, renewed, second, something else, something else again, spare, special, sui generis, supernumerary, supplemental, supplementary, surplus, that, ulterior, unique, above, additionally, again, alias, all included, also, altogether, among other things, and all, and also, and so, as well, au reste, beside, besides, beyond, contrarily, elsewise, en plus, for lagniappe, furthermore, in addition, in other respects, in other ways, inter alia, into the bargain, item, likewise, moreover, on the side, on top of, or else, over, similarly, than, then, therewith, to b