Synonyms to nothing doing

by no means, God forbid, I refuse, I will not, at no hand, au contraire, count me out, far from it, impossible, in no case, in no respect, in no wise, include me out, never, no, no matter what, nohow, not a bit, not a jot, not a speck, not a whit, not an iota, not at all, not likely, not much, not nearly, noway, noways, nowhere near, nowise, on no account, on no condition, quite the contrary, to the contrary, under no circumstances, forget it, abandon, brush aside, brush off, dismiss, drop it, drop the subject, fat chance, forget, forget about it, ignore it, lay aside, let it go, let it pass, let slip, never mind, nix, no matter, no sirree, no way, nope, not a chance, push aside, put aside, set aside, shrug off, skip it, sneeze at, think nothing of, thrust aside, turn away from, absurd, algorismic, algorithmic, aliquot, antic, barred, cardinal, closed-out, contrary to reason, crazy, cureless, decimal, differential, digital, even, exceptionable, excluded, exponential, fanciful, fantastic, farcical, figur