Synonyms to not relax

go to great lengths, be careful, be cautious, bend over backwards, exercise care, go all lengths, handle with gloves, have a care, make every effort, not rest, spare no effort, spare no pains, take care, take good care, take heed, take pains, take trouble, tread on eggs, treat gently, leave no stone unturned, carry through, clear the decks, comb, consider every angle, exhaust every move, follow out, follow through, follow up, forearm, go all out, go for broke, go the limit, guard against, hedge, leave nothing undone, leave out nothing, look all over, look everywhere, make sure, make sure against, overlook no possibility, overlook nothing, play safe, prepare for, provide a hedge, provide against, provide for, rake, ransack, reef down, rifle, rummage, scour, search high heaven, see it through, see out, shake, shake down, shorten sail, take measures, take precautions, take steps, toss, turn inside out, turn upside down