Synonyms to not receive

cold shoulder, blink, brush-off, carefully ignore, cut, cut a corner, cut corners, cut direct, dismissal, disregard, dodge, fudge, high-hat, humiliation, ostracize, pass over, pass over lightly, rebuff, refusal, repulse, scamp, skim, skim over, skim the surface, skimp, skip over, slight, slubber over, slur, slur over, sneer, sniff, snob, snort, snub, spurn, spurning, the cold shoulder, the go-by, touch upon, touch upon lightly, turn away from, upstage, abjuration, abjure, abjurement, backfire, backlash, backlashing, bafflement, balk, be proof against, bear up, bear up against, beat back, beat off, block, boomerang, bounce, bound, brush, brush aside, brush off, carom, challenge, chase, chase away, chase off, check, checkmate, chuck, chuck out, chucking, chucking out, cold-shoulder, combative reaction, complaint, confusion, contemn, contempt, contradict, contradiction, contrecoup, counter, counteraction, declination, decline, declining, defeat, defiance, defy, demur, denial, deny, despisal, despise, despising, disapproval, disapprove, discard, disclaim