Synonyms to not pass muster

fall short, be disappointing, be found wanting, be inferior, be insufficient, collapse, come short, crash, decline, fail, fail of, fall, fall away, fall dead, fall down, fall flat, fall in, fall shy, fall stillborn, fall through, fizzle, fizzle out, follow, go to smash, go wrong, have nothing on, kick the beam, lack, lag, lose ground, miss, miss out, miss the mark, not answer, not approach, not bear inspection, not come near, not compare, not hack it, not make it, not make out, not measure up, not qualify, not stretch, not suffice, peter out, play second fiddle, rank under, run short, serve, slump, stop short, subserve, turn sour, want, blunder, bungle, err, foozle, go amiss, go astray, goof, miscarry, misfire, miss stays, miss the boat, slip, slip up, abandon, avoid, babe, baby, bachelor girl, be bereaved of, be blind to, be caught out, be inattentive, be unwary, bird, blink at, broad, chick, clerical error, c