Synonyms to not make waves

keep the peace, be conservative, be moderate, be pacifistic, keep within bounds, keep within compass, live temperately, not resist, practice nonviolence, practice self-control, relent, remain at peace, remit, settle down, sober down, strike a balance, take in sail, wage peace, leave alone, butt out, do nothing, give carte blanche, give full power, hold aloof, keep hands off, leave, leave be, let alone, let be, not butt in, not get involved, not interfere, not meddle, not tamper, open the floodgates, oppose change, permit all, remove all restrictions, stand aloof, stand pat, stand still, leave well enough alone, abstain, abstain from, avoid, be blind to, be caught out, be content, be inattentive, be pleased, be reconciled to, be unwary, blink at, connive at, disregard, do without, eschew, fight shy of, forbear, forgo, give no heed, give place to, hear nothing, hold aloof from, hold back, ignore, keep aloof, keep away from, keep clear of, keep from, keep remote from, l