Synonyms to nonskid tire

retread, balloon tire, belted bias tire, belted radial tire, bias tire, cobble, commission, condition, darn, do up, doctor, face-lift, felly, fix, fix up, furbishment, mend, overhaul, patch, patch up, pneumatic tire, put in commission, put in order, put in repair, put in shape, radial tire, ready, recap, recondition, reconditioning, refreshment, refurbishment, renewal, renovation, repair, retreaded tire, retreading, rim, safety tire, service, set to rights, sew up, slum clearance, snow tire, studded tire, tinker, tinker up, tire, tubeless tire, urban renewal, white sidewall tire, winter tire, adjoin, bank, befringe, bind, board, border, bordure, bound, brim, brink, brow, coast, edge, enframe, featheredge, flange, frame, fringe, hem, labellum, labium, labrum, lap, ledge, limb, limbus, line, lip, list, march, marge, margin, marginate, outline, perimeter, periphery, purfle, purl, ragged edge, selvage, set off, shore, side, sideline, skirt, stu