Synonyms to nomen nudum

appellation, appellative, baptism, binomen, binomial name, byword, calling, christening, cognomen, cryptonym, definition, denomination, designation, empty title, epithet, eponym, euonym, handle, honorific, hyponym, identification, label, moniker, name, namesake, naming, nicknaming, nomen, proper name, proper noun, scientific name, secret name, style, styling, tag, tautonym, terming, title, trinomen, trinomial name, adage, ana, analects, aphorism, apophthegm, apothegm, axiom, burning shame, butt, byname, byword of reproach, catch phrase, catchword, cliche, collected sayings, cry, current saying, derision, dictate, dictum, dirty shame, disgrace, distich, dupe, epigram, expression, fad word, fair game, figure of fun, fool, game, gazingstock, gnome, goat, golden saying, humiliation, jest, jestingstock, joke, laughingstock, low-down dirty shame, maxim, mockery, monkey, moral, mot, motto, o