Synonyms to nocturnal

midnight, all-night, atramentous, black, black as coal, black as ebony, black as ink, black as midnight, black as night, coal-black, coaly, dark, dark as night, dark as pitch, dead of night, deep black, ebony, hush of night, ink-black, inky, jetty, night, night-black, night-dark, night-fallen, nightlong, nightly, nighttime, nigrous, noonday night, pitch-black, pitch-dark, pitchy, raven, raven-black, sable, sloe, sloe-black, sloe-colored, tar-black, tarry, Egyptian darkness, Erebus, all the time, blackness, ceaselessly, charcoal, coal, continually, continuously, crow, dark of night, darkness, darkness visible, dusk, ebon, endlessly, evening, evensong, eventide, gloaming, incessantly, ink, intense darkness, jet, lightlessness, moonlessness, night and day, nightfall, nighttide, obscure, obscure darkness, obscurity, pitch, pitch-darkness, pitchy darkness, round-the-clock, sable night, smoke, smut, soot, starlessness, sundown, sunlessness, sunset, swarthiness, tar, tenebrosity, te