Synonyms to nitty gritty

absolute fact, accepted fact, axiom, bald fact, bare fact, brutal fact, center, circumstance, cold fact, conceded fact, core, datum, demonstrable fact, elixir, empirical fact, essence, essential, established fact, fact, fact of experience, flower, focus, fundamental, gist, given fact, gravamen, hard fact, heart, hypostasis, indisputable fact, inescapable fact, inner essence, kernel, marrow, matter of fact, meat, naked fact, not guesswork, not opinion, nub, nucleus, nuts and bolts, pith, plain, positive fact, postulate, principle, provable fact, quid, quiddity, quintessence, salient fact, sap, self-evident fact, significant fact, simple fact, sober fact, soul, spirit, stubborn fact, stuff, substance, the case, the nitty-gritty, undeniable fact, well-known fact