Synonyms to nice

according to Hoyle, according to regulations, according to rule, appropriate, by the book, by the numbers, condign, correct, decent, decorous, due, fit, fitting, good, kosher, normal, normative, proper, right, right and proper, righteous, rightful, seemly, suitable, accurate, OK, absolute, all right, appreciative, attentive, authentic, careful, close, conscientious, critical, dead right, delicate, demanding, dependable, detailed, differential, discriminate, discriminating, discriminative, distinctive, distinguishing, exact, exacting, exigent, exquisite, fastidious, faultless, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, flawless, fussy, just, just right, letter-perfect, meticulous, minute, narrow, okay, on the mark, particular, perfect, precise, precisianistic, precisionistic, punctilious, punctual, refined, reliable, religious, rigid, rigorous, scrupulous, scrutinizing, selective, sensitive, straight, straight-up-and-down, strict, subtle, tactful, unerring, advantageous, acceptable, advisable, agreeable, auspicious, banausic, becoming, befitting, beneficial, benevolent, b