Synonyms to negativistic

cynical, Cassandra-like, Cassandran, Cassandrian, Rabelaisian, Timonistic, antisocial, captious, carping, caustic, caviling, critical, defeatist, dismal, downbeat, dry, faultfinding, gloomy, hairsplitting, hypercritical, ironic, man-hating, misogynous, nagging, negative, niggling, nihilistic, overcritical, pessimist, pessimistic, pettifogging, quibbling, sarcastic, sardonic, satiric, sexist, trichoschistic, ultracritical, uncheerful, unsociable, woman-hating, Cassandra, Eeyore, calamity howler, cynic, killjoy, malist, negativist, nihilist, prophet of doom, retreatist, seek-sorrow, worrywart, Quaker-colored, acier, affecting, afflictive, affording no hope, apathetic, arid, ashen, ashy, barren, bitter, black, blah, blank, bleak, bloodless, blue, canescent, characterless, cheerless, cinerary, cinereous, cinerous, cold, colorless, comfortless, dapple, dapple-gray, dappled, dappled-gray,