Synonyms to multifold

considerable, able, absolute, active, appreciable, ascendant, authoritarian, authoritative, authorized, autocratic, big, big-league, big-name, big-time, bigwig, bigwigged, billion, bumper, capable, clothed with authority, commanding, competent, comprehensive, consequential, controlling, decent, deep, distinguished, dominant, double-barreled, duly constituted, earthshaking, effective, efficacious, eminent, empowered, estimable, ever so many, ex officio, exhaustive, extensive, fair, full, full many, good, goodly, governing, grand, grave, great, healthy, heaped-up, heavy, heavyweight, hefty, hegemonic, hegemonistic, high-powered, illustrious, imperative, important, influential, intense, irresistible, jillion, large, large-scale, leading, main, major, man-sized, many, material, maximum, meaningful, mighty, million, momentous, monocratic, multifarious, multiple, multitudinal, multitudinous, myriad, name, no few, not a few, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, numerous, of consequence, official, plenary, potent, powerful, preeminent, prestigious, pretty, prominent, puissant, quite some, ranking, remarkable, res