Synonyms to moping

beetle browed, beetle, beetling, black, black-browed, dark, dejected, dour, dumpish, frowning, glowering, glum, grim, grum, impendent, impending, incumbent, jutting, lowering, melancholy, moodish, moody, mopey, mopish, morose, mumpish, overhanging, overhung, pending, projecting, scowling, sulky, sullen, superincumbent, surly, long faced, brooding, broody, chapfallen, crestfallen, decorous, demure, earnest, formal, grave, grim-faced, grim-visaged, heavy, heavyhearted, laden with sorrow, oppressed, sad, sad of heart, sad-eyed, sad-faced, saddened, sadhearted, sedate, serious, sober, sober-minded, sobersided, solemn, somber, staid, stone-faced, straight-faced, thoughtful, unsmiling, weighed upon, weighted down, weighty, saturnine, bleak, crabbed, dismal, drear, drearisome, dreary, funebrial, funereal, gloomy, gray, reserved, silent, sombrous, taciturn, triste, ugly, uncommunicative, weariful, wearisome, weary, Ame