Synonyms to monumentalize

commemorate, beat the drum, blow the trumpet, celebrate, consecrate, dedicate, dress ship, fire a salute, hallow, hold jubilee, honor, immortalize, jubilate, jubilize, keep, maffick, make merry, mark, memorialize, monument, observe, remember, revere, reverence, salute, sanctify, signalize, solemnize, solemnly mark, sound a fanfare, venerate, embalm, anhydrate, aromatize, blast-freeze, brine, cense, corn, cure, dehydrate, desiccate, dry, dry-cure, dry-salt, eternalize, eternize, evaporate, freeze, freeze-dry, fume, fumigate, incense, irradiate, jerk, keep alive, keep fresh, kipper, lay out, lie in state, marinade, marinate, mummify, odorize, perennialize, perfume, perpetuate, pickle, preservatize, preserve, preserve from oblivion, quick-freeze, refrigerate, salt, scent, season, smoke, smoke-cure, stuff, thurify, KO, abide, anesthetize, appall, arrest, awe, balance, ballast, ban, be cold, be still, bedaze, benumb, besot, bite, bitter weather, blast, bleak weather, blight, block, blunt, brake, bring to, bring up short, change color, chatte