Synonyms to money going out

outflow, affluence, afflux, affluxion, blow out, concourse, confluence, conflux, course, crosscurrent, current, defluxion, discharge, downflow, downpour, drain, drain out, drainage, drift, driftage, effluence, efflux, effluxion, effusion, empty, exhalation, exhaust, find vent, flow, flow out, flowing, flowoff, fluency, flux, gush, gush out, inflow, jet, mill run, millrace, onrush, onward course, outfall, outflowing, outgo, outgoings, outlay, outpour, outpouring, pour, pour out, race, run, run out, runoff, rush, set, sluice out, spate, spendings, spew out, spout, spout out, spurt, stream, surge, tide, trend, undercurrent, undertow, vomit forth, water flow, well, well out, budget, cost, cost out, disburse, disbursement, expend, expenditure, expense, fork out, give, go through, incur costs, invest, lay out, open the purse, pay, pay out, payment, put out, run through, schedule, shell out, sink money in, spend, spending, splurge, squander, throw money around