Synonyms to mistress

abbess, canoness, chatelaine, clergywoman, conventual, dame, dowager, first lady, goodwife, governess, great lady, homemaker, housewife, lady superior, madam, matriarch, matron, mother superior, novice, nun, postulant, prioress, religieuse, secular canoness, sister, superioress, the reverend mother, chaperon, duenna, educatress, instructress, schooldame, schoolmarm, schoolmistress, tutoress, teacher, Aaronic priesthood, Dutch uncle, Melchizedek priesthood, Polonius, Seventy, admonisher, adviser, advisor, apostle, backseat driver, bishop, boss, buttinsky, bwana, chef, chief, church dignitary, cicerone, coach, confidant, consultant, counsel, counselor, deacon, docent, doctor, dominie, don, ecclesiarch, educationist, educator, elder, employer, expert, fellow, forerunner, goodman, guide, guru, high priest, husband, instructor, kibitzer, lecturer, liege, liege lord, lord, lord paramount, master, meddler, mentor, monitor, nestor, orienter, overlord