Synonyms to metachronistic

anachronistic, ahead of time, antedated, beforehand, behind time, behindhand, dated, early, foredated, late, misdated, mistimed, out of date, out of season, overdue, parachronistic, past due, postdated, prochronistic, tardy, unpunctual, unseasonable, ahead, ante, before, beforetime, betimes, earlier, fore, foresightedly, forward, in advance, in anticipation, precociously, previous, sooner, anticipated, arrested, awaited, back, backward, behind, belated, blocked, delayed, delayed-action, detained, due, expected, foreseen, held up, hoped-for, hung up, imminent, in a bind, in abeyance, in prospect, in view, jammed, latish, long-expected, mature, moratory, never on time, obstructed, on