Synonyms to meritless

unworthy, abominable, arrant, atrocious, bad, bad child, bad example, bad man, bad news, bad person, bad woman, base, beneath notice, black, blamable, blameworthy, contemptible, criminal, damnable, dark, despicable, discreditable, disgraceful, dishonorable, disreputable, disreputable person, evil, execrable, flagitious, flagrant, foul, good-for-nothing, heinous, ignoble, improper, ineligible, infamous, inferior, iniquitous, knavish, low, mediocre, menial, monstrous, naughty, nefarious, no-account, no-good, nonmeritorious, not coming, not outstanding, nothing, objectionable person, outrageous, paltry, peccant, persona non grata, petty, preposterous, puny, rank, reprehensible, reprobate, scandalous, second-rate, shameful, sinful, substandard, unacceptable person, undeserved, undeserving, undesirable, undue, unearned, unentitled, unequal, unfit, unforgivable, unjustified, unmerited, unmeriting, unowed, unowing, unpardonable, unprofessional, unqualified, unspeakable, unwarranted, unworthy of regard, valueless, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, worthless, wrong, NG, atro