Synonyms to melanization

darkening, blackening, blocking the light, burial, burying, clouding, concealedness, concealment, covering, covering up, covertness, deception, denigration, dimming, eclipsing, extinguishment, hiddenness, hiding, interment, invisibility, masking, mystification, nigrification, obfuscation, obnubilation, obscuration, obscurement, obumbration, occultation, occulting, overcast, overclouding, overshading, overshadowing, overshadowment, putting away, screening, secrecy, secretion, shading, shadowing, smirch, smirching, smudge, smudging, smut, smutch, smutching, subterfuge, uncommunicativeness, arrangement, atmosphere, balance, black spot, bloom, blooping, brushwork, color, composition, curtaining, definition, design, draftsmanship, flare, fringe area, ghost, gradation, grading, graduation, granulation, grid, grouping, hard shadow, image, interlaced scanning, line, mixing, monitoring, multiple image, noise, ob