Synonyms to meet head on

affront, alight upon, antagonize, be antipathetic, be inimical, beard, beat against, bell the cat, bite the bullet, brave, brazen, brazen out, bump heads, bump into, challenge, clash, collide, come across, come among, come up against, come upon, complain, complain loudly, conflict, conflict with, confront, confute, contend, contend with, contradict, contrapose, contraposit, contrast, contravene, counter, counteract, counterattack, counterpose, countervail, counterwork, cross, dispute, dissent, encounter, face, face down, face out, face the music, face up, face up to, fall across, fall among, fall foul of, fall upon, front, go against, go counter to, interfere with, kick against, lie opposite, light upon, lock horns, make a stand, match, meet, meet boldly, meet up with, meet with, militate against, object, offer resistance, oppose, oppugn, pitch upon, polarize, pose against, protest, put in opposition, recalcitrate, reluct, remonstrate, resist, revolt, run across, run against, run counter to, run into, run smack into, run the gauntlet, run up against, run upon, set at defiance, set over