Synonyms to medical history

case history, Clio, Muse of history, adventures, anamnesis, annals, associative anamnesis, autobiography, biographical sketch, biography, case, catamnesis, chronicle, chronicles, chronology, confessions, curriculum vitae, diary, example, experiences, follow-up, fortunes, hagiography, hagiology, historiography, history, illustration, journal, legend, life, life and letters, life story, martyrology, memoir, memoirs, memorabilia, memorial, memorials, necrology, obituary, photobiography, profile, record, representative, resume, sample, sampling, specimen, story, theory of history, follow up, PS, Parthian shot, addendum, afterthought, appendix, attend, back matter, carry through, chase, chivy, chorus, coda, codicil, colophon, come after, conclusion, consequence, continuance, continuation, displace, dog, dogging, double take, dying words, emanate, ensue, envoi, epilogue, exhaust every move, follow, follow a clue, follow after, follow out, follow through, follow-through, following, give chase, go after, go all lengths, go all out, go