Synonyms to medic

oculist, anesthesiologist, bonesetter, cardiologist, chiropodist, chiropractor, dermatologist, eye doctor, eye-ear-nose-throat specialist, geriatrician, gerontologist, gynecologist, healer, homeopath, homeopathist, immunologist, internist, microscopist, midwife, neurologist, obstetrician, ophthalmologist, optician, optometrist, orthopedist, osteopath, otolaryngologist, otologist, pathologist, pediatrician, pediatrist, podiatrist, psychiatrist, radiologist, serologist, skin man, specialist, telescopist, therapeutist, therapist, doctor, Doctor of Medicine, GP, MD, Md, abecedarian, abet, adulterate, aid, allopath, allopathist, alter, assist, attend, attending physician, authority, avail, baccalaureate, baccalaureus, bachelor, bail out, bandage, bastardize, bathe, bear a hand, befriend, benefit, bones, care for, certified teacher, change, cobble, cobbler, comfort, commission, condition, contaminate, cook, coroner, corrupt, country doctor, croaker, cure, cut, darn, debase, degree, denaturalize, denature, diagnose, dilute, disguise, do good, do up, doc, docent, doctor up, doctorate, dominie, don, drug, ease,