Synonyms to meaningfulness

command of language, affectation, articulateness, command of words, effective style, eloquence, eloquent tongue, exaggeration, expression, expression of ideas, expressiveness, facundity, fashion, feeling for words, felicitousness, felicity, form of speech, gift of expression, gift of gab, glibness, grace of expression, grandiloquence, graphicness, inflation, literary style, manner, manner of speaking, mannerism, mode, mode of expression, oratory, peculiarity, personal style, rhetoric, sense of language, silver tongue, slickness, smoothness, strain, style, stylistic analysis, stylistics, the grand style, the plain style, the sublime, trick, vein, vividness, way, articulacy, debating, declamation, demagogism, elocution, facility of speech, fervor, force, forcefulness, forensics, homiletics, lecturing, passion, platform oratory, power, public speaking, pyrotechnics, rabble-rousing, speaking, speechcraft, speechification, speeching, speechmaking, spirit, stump speaking, vigor, wor