Synonyms to make terms

arbitrate, act between, adjudge, adjudicate, appease, bargain, go between, hear, hold court, hold the scales, intercede, intermediate, interpose, intervene, judge, mediate, meet halfway, moderate, negotiate, officiate, placate, referee, represent, sit in judgment, soothe, step in, treat with, try, umpire, abatement of differences, accommodation, accord, adjustment, advantageous purchase, advise with, agree, agree to, agreement, allow for, anticipate, arrange, arrangement, bargain for, barter, beat down, bid, bid for, binding agreement, blind bargain, bond, buy, call in, cartel, chaffer, cheapen, collective agreement, collogue, compact, compare notes, composition, compromise, concession, confer, confer with, consortium, consult, consult with, contract, convention, cop-out, counsel, count on, covenant, covenant of salt, deal, deliberate, desertion of principle, dicker, discuss, discuss with, do a deal, drive a bargain, employment contract, engage, evasion of responsibility, exchange, exchange observations, exchange views, expect, foresee, formal agreement, giv