Synonyms to make obligatory

appoint, accouter, allocate, allot, appropriate to, arm, arrange, assign, assign to, authorize, choose, commission, decorate, decree, delegate, demand, deputize, designate, destinate, destine, detail, determine, devote, dictate, doom, dress, earmark, elect, equip, establish, fate, fit, fit out, fit up, fix, foredoom, furnish, gear, heel, impose, lay down, lot, make assignments, man, mark, mark off, mark out for, munition, name, nominate, ordain, ordinate, outfit, place in office, portion off, prepare, prescribe, require, reserve, restrict, restrict to, rig, rig out, rig up, schedule, select, set, set apart, set aside, set off, settle, staff, tab, tag, turn out, vote in, OK, accept, accredit, affirm, allow, amen, approve, authenticate, autograph, certificate, certify, charge, charter, clothe, clothe with power, commit, confirm, consent to, consign, constitute, cosign, countenance, countersign, declare lawful, depute, detach, devolute, devolve, devolve upon, empower, enable, enact, endorse, endow, endue, enfranchise, en