Synonyms to mad with lust

craving, a habit, acquired tolerance, acute alcoholism, addictedness, addiction, alcoholism, amphetamine withdrawal symptoms, an universal wolf, appetence, appetency, appetite, appetition, athirst, barbiturate addiction, barbiturism, chain smoking, chronic alcoholism, cocainism, consumed with desire, coveting, crash, dependence, devoured by desire, dipsomania, drug addiction, drug culture, drug dependence, fervid, habituation, hunger, hungering, hungry, itch, itching, lust, mania, nicotine addiction, passion, physical dependence, prurience, pruriency, prurient, psychological dependence, sexual desire, thirst, thirsting, thirsty, tolerance, urge, withdrawal sickness, withdrawal symptoms, abandoned, ablaze, afire, ardent, blazing, boiling, boiling over, breathless, burning, burning with excitement, committed, cordial, dedicated, delirious, devoted, devout, drunk, earnest, enthusiastic, excited, exuberant, faithful, febrile, fervent, fevered, feverish, fiery, flaming, flushed, glowing, hearty, heated, hectic, h