Synonyms to mad on

partial to, aching for, attached to, bent on, crazy about, crazy to, desirous of, devoted to, dying for, dying to, enamored of, fain of, far gone on, fond of, gone on, hipped on, in love with, inclined toward, itching for, keen on, leaning toward, mad about, nuts about, set on, smitten with, spoiling for, struck with, stuck on, sweet on, taken with, wedded to, wild about, wild to, wrapped up in, dead set on, decided upon, determined upon, fixed upon, hell-bent on, intent upon, resolved upon, settled upon, sot on, begrudging, covetous, envious, envying, green with envy, grudging, invidious, jealous, fain, acquiescent, agreeable, alacritous, amenable, ardent, compliant, consenting, content, cooperative, craz