Synonyms to lukewarmly

coldly, antagonistically, apathetically, chillily, cold-bloodedly, coldheartedly, coolly, deadpan, dispassionately, dormantly, dully, frostily, halfheartedly, heartlessly, heavily, hostilely, impassively, in cold blood, inactively, indifferently, inertly, inimically, languidly, languorously, latently, lifelessly, passively, perfunctorily, phlegmatically, sluggishly, spiritlessly, stagnantly, statically, stoically, stolidly, torpidly, unamiably, unamicably, uncordially, unemotionally, unfeelingly, ungenially, unpassionately, with dry eyes, with indifference, with utter indifference, ad eundem, as, as well, ceteris paribus, correspondingly, disinterestedly, equally, equivalently, evenly, fair to middling, fairishly, fairly, identically, listlessly, mediocrely, middling well, middlingly, moderately, modestly, numbly, passably, plucklessly, proportionately, so, so-so, spunklessly, tolerably, unconcernedly, uninterestedly