Synonyms to loss of memory

amnesia, agnosia, blackout, catalepsy, cataplexy, catatonic stupor, daydreaming, daze, dream state, fugue, fugue state, hypnotic trance, reverie, sleepwalking, somnambulism, stupor, trance, word deafness, canon, catch, fugato, rondeau, rondino, rondo, rondoletto, round, roundelay, troll, KO, anoxia, asteroids, aurora particles, bamboo curtain, barrier of secrecy, blocking, brownout, catatonia, catatony, censorship, coma, cosmic particles, cosmic ray bombardment, curtain, dematerialization, departure, dimout, disappearance, disappearing, dispersion, dissipation, dissolution, dissolving, eclipse, elimination, erasure, evanescence, evaporation, extinction, fadeaway, fadeout, fading, faint, going, grayout, hush-up, intergalactic matter, iron curtain, ironbound security, kayo, knockout, lipothymia, lipothymy, melting