Synonyms to lively interest

inquiring mind, analysis, curiosity, curious mind, curiousness, ghoulishness, inquest, inquirendo, inquiring, inquiry, inquisition, inquisitiveness, interest, itch for knowledge, meddlesomeness, mental acquisitiveness, morbid curiosity, nosiness, officiousness, prurience, prurient interest, prying, scopophilia, thirst for knowledge, voyeurism, absolute interest, absorb, absorption, accent, accrued dividends, accumulated dividends, acquisitiveness, activities, activity, advantage, advocacy, aegis, affair, affairs, affect, affect the interest, agacerie, allotment, allowance, allure, allurement, amusement, animate, answer to, appeal, appertain to, applicability, application, apply to, appositeness, appurtenance, arouse, attention, attentiveness, attract, attraction, attractiveness, auspices, authority, autism, avail, avocation, aye, backing, bag, bait, bank rate, be attractive, bear on, bear upon, bearing, beckon, beguilement, beguiling, behalf, behoof, belong to, benefit, benison, bewitchery, bewitchment, bias, big end, bigger half, birthright, bit, bite, blandishment, blessing