Synonyms to listening

all ears, Argus-eyed, advertent, agog, alert, all eyes, assiduous, attentive, aux aguets, aware, careful, concentrated, conscious, custodial, diligent, eagle-eyed, earnest, finical, finicking, finicky, guarded, hawk-eyed, heedful, intense, intent, intentive, keen-eyed, lidless, meticulous, mindful, nice, niggling, observant, observing, on guard, on the ball, on the job, on the lookout, on the watch, open-eared, open-eyed, openmouthed, prudent, regardful, sharp-eyed, sleepless, vigilant, wary, watchful, with open eyes, attention, NB, TLC, absorption, acclaim, act of courtesy, acuity, acuteness, agility, alertness, amenity, anticipation, application, assiduity, attentions, attentiveness, audibility, audience, audition, aural examination, aural sense, auscultation, awareness, benignity, brightness, bugging, care, carefulness, caution, circumspection, circumspectness, civility, cognizance, concentration, concern, conference, consciousness, considerateness, consideration, courtesy, debate, deference, deliberation, devoirs, diligence, distinction, duties, eager attention, ear, eavesdropping, egards, elec