Synonyms to lippy

wise, MO, abstruse, acute, advantageous, advisable, alert, algorithm, all-knowing, angle, apperceptive, appercipient, apprehending, apprehensive, approach, appropriate, arrogant, artful, aspect, astute, attack, aware, becoming, befitting, biggety, bold, bold-faced, brash, bright, broad-minded, cagey, canny, cheeky, civilized, cocky, cogitative, cognizant, comprehending, configuration, congruous, conscious, contemplative, convenient, course, crafty, cultivated, cultured, cunning, decent, deep, desirable, discerning, discreet, educated, effect, eidolon, encyclopedic, erudite, expedient, facet, fashion, favorable, feasible, feature, felicitous, figure, fit, fitten, fitting, flip, flippant, foresighted, form, forward, fresh, fructuous, gestalt, gnostic, good, grasping, guise, happy, hardheaded, hep, hoaxproof, image, imago, impertinent, impression, impudent, insightful, insolent, intelligent, intuitive, judicious, keen, knowing, knowledgeable, learned, lettered, light, likely, likeness, line, line of action, lineaments, lines, literate, look, manner, manner of working, means, meet, method, methodology, mindful, mode