Synonyms to like for like

measure for measure, alternation, amends, atonement, balancing, battledore and shuttlecock, blow for blow, commutation, compensation, cooperation, counteraction, counterbalancing, counterchange, cross fire, defensibility, drumhead justice, dueness, equitableness, equity, evenhandedness, exchange, expiation, give-and-take, indemnification, indemnity, interchange, intermutation, interplay, justice, justifiability, justifiableness, justification, justness, law of retaliation, lawfulness, legality, lex talionis, meetness, mutual admiration, mutual support, mutual transfer, mutuality, nemesis, offsetting, permutation, poetic justice, properness, propriety, quid pro quo, reciprocality, reciprocation, reciprocity, recompense, rectification, redress, reparation, repayment, restitution, retaliation, retributive justice, revenge, right, rightfulness, rightness, rude justice, satisfaction, scales of justice, something for something, something in return, substitution, summary justice, talion, tit for tat, transposal, transposition, warrantability, warrantedness, what is right, quid p