Synonyms to like a lord

independently, alone, by choice, electively, en grand seigneur, erectly, freely, gratuitously, individually, optionally, pridefully, proudly, self-confidently, self-reliantly, self-respectingly, spontaneously, voluntarily, willfully, with head erect, with pride, without coercion, Olympianly, aloofly, arrogantly, condescendingly, contemptuously, contumeliously, disdainfully, elaborately, elegantly, extravagantly, gloriously, grandiosely, grandly, haughtily, imperiously, imposingly, impressively, loftily, luxuriously, magisterially, magnificently, majestically, nobly, patronizingly, splendaciously, splendidly, splendiferously, sumptuously, superbly, superciliously, toploftily, with arms akimbo