Synonyms to like Swiss cheese

holey, apertured, crible, dowdy, down-at-heel, down-at-the-heels, fenestrated, frayed, frazzled, full of holes, honeycombed, in rags, in shreds, in tatters, patchy, peppered, perforate, perforated, pierced, ragged, raggedy, ratty, riddled, scruffy, seedy, shabby, shoddy, shot through, slotted, tacky, tattered, tatty, torn, windowed, alveolar, alveolate, crawling, creeping, dented, depressed, dimpled, engraved, faveolate, indented, notched, permeated, pitted, pocked, pockmarked, saturated, swarming, teeming, bespangled, blotched, blotchy, dotted, dotty, dusted, flea-bitten, flecked, fleckered, frecked, freckled, freckly, macular, maculate, maculated, pocky, pointille, pointillistic, polka-dot, powdered, punctated, spangled, spattered, specked, speckled, speckledy, speckly, spla