Synonyms to lie beneath

escape notice, be latent, be missed, be unseen, blush unseen, disappear, escape attention, escape one, get by, hibernate, lie dormant, lie hid, lie low, lurk, make no sign, not register, smolder, underlie, aestivate, be a sideliner, be still, coast, delay, do nothing, drift, hang fire, have nothing on, idle, lay by, lay off, lay to, lie by, lie fallow, lie idle, lie off, lie to, lie up, not budge, not stir, rest, ride at anchor, sit back, sit it out, stagnate, vegetate, wait and see, watch and wait, be incognito, beware, burrow, couch, crawl, crouch, drop from sight, go into hiding, go to ground, go underground, grovel, have a care, hide, hide away, hide out, hole up, hug the earth, lie, lie close, lie doggo, lie prone, lie prostrate, lie snug, lie under, look about one, look out, look sharp, masquerade, mind, play peekaboo, qui vive, remain anonymous, retire from sig