Synonyms to lexis

lexicon, biographical dictionary, cant, chemical dictionary, desk dictionary, dialect dictionary, dictionary, dictionary of quotations, electronics dictionary, etymological dictionary, foreign-language dictionary, gazetteer, general dictionary, geological dictionary, gloss, glossary, gradus, jargon, language, nomenclator, onomasticon, palaver, phrase book, phraseology, polyglot dictionary, promptorium, rhyming dictionary, science dictionary, slang dictionary, specialized dictionary, stock of words, synonym dictionary, synonymy, terminology, thesaurus, treasury of words, unabridged dictionary, verbiage, vocabulary, word list, wordage, wordbook, wordhoard, words, argot, choice of words, composition, dialect, diction, expression, formulation, gibberish, gobbledygook, grammar, idiom, langue, lingo, lingua, locution, mumbo jumbo, parlance, parole, patois, patter, personal usage, phrase, phrasing, rhetoric, scatology, slang, speech, taboo language, talk, tongue, usage, use of words, usus loquendi, verbalism, verbia