Synonyms to levator

biceps, adductor, arm, buccinator, elbow, forearm, gemellus, gluteus maximus, infraspinatus, intercostal, latissimus dorsi, masseter, mentalis, mylohyoid, nasalis, oblique, occipitalis, omohyoid, pectineus, pectoralis, peroneus, sphincter, tensor, trapezius, triceps, upper arm, wrist, muscle, beef, beefiness, brawn, brawniness, effort, elasticity, elbow grease, endeavor, energy, exert strength, exertion, force, hard pull, heftiness, huskiness, involuntary muscle, long pull, might, might and main, muscularity, musculature, nerve and sinew, pains, physique, potency, power, sinew, sinewiness, sinews, strength, strong arm, strong-arm, thew, thewiness, thews, tone, trouble, use force, voluntary muscle, infrasp