Synonyms to let it pass

charge off, abate, allow, balance, balance the books, bate, book, bury the hatchet, capitalize, carry, carry over, cast up accounts, charge to experience, close out, close the books, credit, cut, debit, deduct, depreciate, discount, docket, enter, forget, forgive and forget, journalize, keep books, kick back, let it go, log, make allowance, make an entry, minute, note, post, post up, rebate, reduce, refund, strike a balance, take a premium, take off, write off, drop it, abandon, abort, belay, cancel, cease, cut it out, desist, discontinue, end, forget it, give over, halt, have done with, hold, ignore it, knock it off, lay off, leave off, never mind, no matter, quit, refrain, relinquish, renounce, scrub, skip it, stay, stop, terminate, brush aside, brush off, dismiss, drop the subject, fat chance, forget about it, lay aside, let slip, nix, no sirree, no way, nope, not a chance, not much, nothing doing, push aside, put aside, set aside, shrug off, sneeze at, think nothing of, t